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Bluefin Inside dining room


Our team is managed by Patrick Kucinski, General Manager and

Peter Nguyen, Culinary Manager.

Patrick Kucinski


Patrick Kucinski

Patrick Kucinski, hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, has been an integral part of the FMK Hospitality Group for the past five years. With two decades of experience in the restaurant industry, Patrick started his journey with FMK as a server, showcasing his dedication and passion for hospitality.


Over the years, Patrick has worked at both Bluefin and Chophouse, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to the FMK brand. Currently holding the position of General Manager at Bluefin Grill & Bar in The Villages, Florida, Patrick takes pride in his role as a leader in the restaurant community.


One of the highlights of Patrick's career has been the opportunity to connect with people from all corners of the country. As the GM, he has been introduced to the warm and welcoming community of The Villages, where he not only encounters familiar faces but also has the pleasure of meeting some of the most inspiring leaders in the restaurant industry. Patrick values the relationships he has built with both patrons and colleagues, making each day at Bluefin a rewarding experience.


Peter Nguyen

Meet Peter Nguyen, a valued member of FMK Hospitality Group in The Villages, FL.


Originally from Pensacola, FL, Peter has dedicated 3 years to the FMK family, contributing a wealth of experience from his 9-year tenure in the restaurant industry.


Having lent his culinary expertise to Bluefin and Coastal Del Mar, Peter began his journey at FMK as a Sushi Chef, showcasing his skill and passion for the art of sushi.

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